Are we preparing for LIFE ???


Lincoln offers distinct varieties of travel experiences,educational travel offerings ring closer to our hearts. It is one of our firm belief that the “REAL” education can only happen on the roads( On Travel)… Even the famous quote by St.Augustine testifies the same fact.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine.

While it is very important to have fun in the tour,it is also important to achieve the objectives of educational trip.Unlike the typical industrial visits the we normally go in our college days,Lincoln’s offerings are meticulously designed with all the ingredients of learning with fun.

A typical educational trip with Lincoln will have an Expert Talk session with business leaders,interaction with local university faculty and students,industrial visits,team bound activities and of course lot of games. As far as the fun,sky is the limit.

We firmly suggest to make the educational trip as part of academics because no amount class room training can match the real life experiences while traveling.

Traveling is not a luxury to indulge later in life,its a preparation for our prime life !!!

Are we preparing(or Traveling..) for Life ???

Let Mondays be Motivational

For many,stress level go increasing on Sunday nights because when the night breaks,Monday will flash into their eyes…Monday-blues are increasing its population day by day..Many imagine the Monday’s as a starting day of their mechanical week.Instead if we believe it as Motivational Monday,things will turn magical throughout the week.The quote beneath will be a self-explanatory to our title…

motivational monday

Lets make our Mondays Motivational and gain momentum to work with enthusiasm throughout the week..

Team: Lincoln Holidays

Land of Castles : Scotland



Scotland has been my favorite destination for decades.Though I haven’t been there once,i always like it from the bottom of my heart.I can’t explain why like it , but hearing the very word “Scotland” itself ties a invisible chord between my mind to that land.

Amidst living with busy Chennai traffic,I often dream ,myself living in solitude amidst of old castles.Just thinking about silent valleys of Scotland makes me feel mentally relaxed.

The pictures of Castles shoot during dusk were conveying me all the time,that i will live there shortly with my family.I am waiting for that to come soon…