Secrets of The Sacred Land!


( This article was written in the year of 2009 when the Srilankan conflict was at its climax.But things have changed a lot in Srilanka now. We re-posted this article again for our readers).

Srilanka,the land once ruled by Kuber (God of prosperity) ,is now under the clutches of inevitable war.The war has caused serious damage to the country. Atrocities and violence are unleashed against the people.
The country is in chaos.Most of you might wonder why I chose to write about this country which is embroiled in internal conflicts a.In spite of all negativity  around  srilanka I want to write about this country as  I share a close bond with this country.Though born in India i have been indirectly  influenced by this country as  my own father comes from Srilanka.

Srilanka is a Sanskrit word which is translated to “sacred land” .Many of us know all the devastating and disgusting facts about Srilanka.In this blog I decided to explore the positive aspects which we failed to gaze around.

If you want to understand a country,you should see both the positive and the negative aspects about it.Many of us not aware of the fact that srilanka ranks high in literacy.In the population ,93% are literate.In HDI(Human Development Index) it ranks at 99th place ( Mind our country ranks at 128th).Though the country involved in civilian war almost all the time,it managed to give compulsory education to 99 percent of its children.Really its an achievement! isn’t it??.

My father always tells me that the food of Srilanka is one of the delicious stuff .I never had a chance to relish myself on any Srilankan food.

They eat fish a lot ,almost every day (like our friends from Kerala).There are lot of similarities between Kerala and Srilanka.I think they may have some common ancient history between Kerala and Srilanka.

The Tea estates and coconut trees and fish food are few things quite common between these two places.Not to forget that the liquor consumption is quite high in both of these places when compared to other parts.The same goes with Tea production and consumption as well.

Srilanka contributes to 25% of Tea products in the world market.Even in fish and coconut products it is still a dominant country across Asia.

Srilankan diaspora is one of the strongest diaspora, spread across Australia to Canada,from Singapore to East European countries.

In particular people from Jaffna are known for their intelligence and work ethics.

As for as the tourism in  srilanka,nothing can beat the pristine coastal beaches.The beaches of srilanka are amazing,Thanks to the conflicts,these beaches are not spoiled by human waves yet .Although it got affected by Tsunami waves in recent years.

For people who is interested in history and archeology ,srilanka has more than six heritage site ,

Pls refer the below link for further reference,

There are lot of religious places to visit.When you visit the Buddhist temple(in Colombo), dont forget to get a glimpse of the teeth which belongs to our Buddha.

Thats all I can write about srilanka now!.

All we can do now is to pray to god for peace in srilanka!

Let there be peace on My Father’s Nation!

By Karthik

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